So Intervention Con is the Con to end all Cons.
Sept 10 4pm to 9pm
Sept 11 10am to 7pm
Sept 10 10am to 12pm

Or it will be for me at least. I am not doing any more Convetions for a while. Frankly they are bloodbaths as far as making a profit. At my last Convetion I sold 2 book. At the same time I had 4 people register for the website. Clearly my time was not well spent siting in a convetion hall. So this is the end of Cons for a while. I might do a few but it will not be to sell stuf but more because the Con is amusing and allowing me to talk.

This means I have tons of merch to get rid of and I will be selling most stuff at cost or below cost. If you were looking an Exiern book for $15 or a T-shirt for $12 this is your chance. I will be in a deal making mood this weekend so time to take advantage.

Intervention should be a hoot as well. I will be part of a inprov comedy troup made up of other webcartoonist and doing a few panels. It should be a lot of fun. If you are in the Metorpolitan DC area this weekend stop by and say hi. I’ll be at table 40.