This month we have a new wallpaper of Ctyx and Mira from these comics:

No Talking

A Glove Story

The funny thing is that Ctyx and Mira were throw away characters. Ctyx was introduced just so Faden could get off some funny lines and show that yes he is a bad guy.

Need a hand?

The interaction with Ctyx and his well developed friend Mira (seriously what do they feed the girls in the Grand Luminary Alliance) was and accident of miscommunication.  I wanted Fadens had to be pined by Tiffnay’s dagger only to be realased by some unsuspecting locals. The idea was to show that evil was still in the world and Faden was not quite gone. But Boom drew Tiffnay taking here dagger with here in this comic.

Not over yet

Suddenly my plans for the future were derailed. I wanted to do something with the hand but now there had to be a new catalyst to release the evil. Ctyx a boy who had lost his hand seemed like option for that. Mira was added as a moral counterpoint to Ctyx

I commissioned this wallpaper because people seemed to like the characters. I was vague what I told the artist to do. I just said put the to character in a scene together. I didn’t expect it to turn out so dramatic.

I got to say that this image has got my imagination churing. I don’t really know what is going on here but I want to tell this story. There is some essential about these two. Something about the lure of power in opposition to the calling of friends and family. There is something here. I just don’t know what quite yet. But Ctyx and Mira will return. I am sure of that.