That’s right we have changed the format here at Exiern.  We believe that this brand new and completely revolutionary new format is going to change the webcomic medium.  Truely there has been nothing like the new Exiern on the web.  Don’t bother looking for something similar it’s completely brand new.  We mean it.  Move your mouse away from that google button.  Your just wasting your time.

A comic about 20 somethings hanging out in a coffee shop making ironic jokes!  Why that’s something that has never been done on the web, television, radio, print or any other media you can think of.  And if you should find something that looks like this by some freak chance that is only because those other people are copying us.  You should write them a stern letter criticizing their lack of creativity.

On a non-sarcastic note the great artwork for this comic was done by Ivan Cortez