Well for the last couple of months I have been offering the tiffany figurine (pictured to the right at a discounted price of $35 to raise money for the production and judge interest. I wanted to get 60 preorders so I could order 200 to get a price break on the total order. Well I have only gotten 15 orders at this point which is falling far short of making a profit on the thing. Still that’s 15 people who want it and I would feel bad about letting them down.

So instead I am only going to order 40 figurine total and the price will go up to $65 per figurine at the end of April. If anyone is holding out on buying it or doesn’t even know it’s available you got one month to still get the better $35 price on the statuettes. After that I am taking the preorder page down and sending in my one and only order.

If you are interested click here to go to the order page.