This page is completely by Marshall Reeves (Yesterday Bound) after Sean Harrington (Spying With Lana) thought Marshall had proved himself enough step up to tackling captions as well.

Also, please note new Top Webcomics Images for the New Year taken from the Exiern vault here and here but please note when there are NSFW tags as indicated.

About This Page

The chance of Exiern joining the Marvel Universe hasn’t become any more likely since the day it started as far as we know but to start with, we do have a page illustrated by Wayne Nichols, an artist who has worked for Marvel, Dark Horse, and IDW Publishing among others. You can see it by clicking either First on the navigation bar or clicking here.

This ends the current run of special pages from the last month. Thank you for your patience and the main story will be returning next week.

Now for some words about plans for the future but the one thing we most wanted to bring your attention to is the above.

About This Page

Even though Ash himself is clearly referenced many times in Exiern, the closest character we have to the long suffering hero of the Evil Dead series is Typh, long suffering hero on Exiern, who also somehow valiantly keeps on going despite everything that keeps on happening to them.

The clearest parallel to the Necronomicon, the evil book from the Evil Dead is the Book in Exiern (you know the one), whose ethics and conduct are at best … suspect.

Anyway, for once an evil book is being forced to be at least a bit useful as on top of pointing the way to a project we’ve been working on for a very long time, we did also want to let you know what at least some of the things planned for Exiern going forward. If something’s not mentioned now, it’s quite possible we didn’t know right now either!

2018 Year In Review

Well, I didn’t plan on saying anything more with this year’s Christmas Special than to say the one thing I’m the most not keen about with the latest Doctor Who is that in general, pants that stop short of at least your socks if not the shoes are too much of a questionable fashionable choice for my liking.

I was teetering on a lot of the rest of the outfit but that pushed me over. I also wanted to highlight another Classic Doctor Who character (and costume!). I definitely didn’t intend for it to blow up quite as much as it did and the direction it went but I should have known better, shouldn’t I? Especially after last year.

As for the show itself, I actually can’t comment as I didn’t watch it this year. I was planning to take a break after the previous Doctor as I’ve just been getting a bit worn out with television in general lately and then I learned who the new one was so I changed my mind … but by the time it came back, I’d changed my mind again and so to date, I haven’t seen this current season.

That’s a segue to say that I haven’t read any of Exiern from last year either. So, most of you reading this probably know a lot more than I do about what’s happening, I have almost no idea. I’ve heard there some big reveal about the nature of the curse not long after that literal cliffhanger I stopped at last year (but I have no idea what it is) and at some point since then, a boat is involved. I hear Exiern’s been quite good in 2018 … ? (Scott, feel free to weigh in anytime if you want!)

I really don’t know much more past that point in the story. I guess I find it funny that I’m helping getting so much behind the scenes but I have so little idea on recent developments. The big plan was to catch up after Valentine’s Day once I got the 2019 Valentine’s Day Special for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive taken care off and saw the X-Men film Dark Phoenix which was also supposed to be released on February 14th before being moved to June 7th almost straight afterwards, so thanks for nothing to the Disney-Fox buyout which I’m sure is behind this.

What’s Coming Up for 2019

2019 is the year where we hope to get as many as possible of the behind the scenes issues sorted out so that everything’s running as smoothly as possible from 2020. At the most practical level, a least a new page every week and the quest to make it more than one page a week as soon as possible continues.

Issues in that department include everything from raising funds to the fact that regardless how much money is available, the artist can only work so fast. Hence the unavoidable interruptions along the way. The hope is to make that as much a thing of the past as quickly as possible as well as expand on the storytelling so that it’s not just the one story that’s focussed on, there’s a whole world (of Exiern) out there (and not just the one, too – starting with the seemingly eternal struggle to get and keep Dark Reflections on the air).

So, to sum all that up, we’ve been working on raising both money and increasing production of actual content and have made some headway in the years up to now and we hope to have that continue through 2019. Just one case in point, the very special new page this one is pointing towards as mentioned at the very beginning of the text on this page and we hope there’ll be a lot more events of a comparable magnitude at one end as well as just a dependably updating story that keeps you coming back as well as hopefully bringing in more readers at the other.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season and New Year’s Day, thank you to Scott for overseeing everything to do with Exiern as he has done for many years now (and long before I knew it even existed, let alone did anything more than read it) as well as a multitude of artists and others who also work on it.

See you here next week for the story’s return and hopefully I’ll be joining you in actually reading it again soon.

~ Shan.