Art by Colin Wells and lettering by Sean Harrington (again).

OK, so we’ve got a big year planned and we may see contributions from Colin (who has a webcomic here) and Sean (who has a webcomic here). Marshall will be illustrating Neese for Patreon and as you’ve just heard, his webcomic is here). More people planned to come on board for various projects in 2018 and beyond as well, so watch this space.

Of course, current artist for the main webcomic, Antipus will be back from Tuesday,the 9th of January and bringing back the main characters and their story with him through his considerable set of skills and you can see them here and here among other places. Scott helped by writing the script or something.

For this week, the plan is for a new page tomorrow on the 2nd of January and then another on the 4th as the cast and crew ease themselves back into the main game in town. It’ll all be getting fast and furious … a … very short time from now. Even less if you’re a patron of the Patreon as part of the overhaul for this year.

Don’t forget that the opportunity is there to use the comments section from the three pages of this week like we’ve been saying since last week as well as a suggestion box. Any ideas, suggestions, criticisms, complaints or just general commentary of any kind, it’s the second week of open comments sections, so the floor is yours and Scott is looking forward to hearing from you about how to improve Exiern as much as possible.