Thank you again to Marshall Reeves from Yesterday Bound who has been working really hard for Exiern this holiday season (and he’s not done yet!) as well as Sean Harrington from Spying With Lana as Captioner and Dialogue Speech Balloon Inserter Supreme.

Special thanks to not just Sean but Electric Gecko of Puck and Colin Wells of Normal as well as Scott himself all answered the call in short order when there was a last minute Card Caption Crisis. All people who’ve done a lot for Exiern both in front of and behind the scenes for years now.

So, keeping with the theme of Holiday Special Continuity, we’ve got a follow up to last year’s Doctor Who themed Christmas Special and the fact we made it in time for Christmas (just) while Doctor Who for the first time since it came back in 2005 … is not. Instead, they’re doing New Year’s Day instead. Well, we’re doing New Year’s Day as well, so there! (and see you in a week!)

As for other details, as many Doctor Who references as I could comfortably fit into the top panel (notice anything about where they’ve landed?) and I’m definitely not projecting about the one thing I thought was a bridge too far and still can’t come to terms to about the new Doctor despite all my speeches from last year (see, all the 13th Doctor cosplayers get it! I mean doesn’t that one simple difference look so much better?).

Now as for the other panel … well … Frozen … snow … Christmas … any chance to dunk on Faden, how could we not?