Well, EXIERN didn’t quite meet the monthly Challenge for May. We’re going to give the Challenge idea one last try, and to that end we’re mixing things up a bit.

The last few Challenges (and the comic as a whole, as many have claimed) did seem to swing towards the interest of those who enjoy to look upon the female form. However, in honor of EXIERN’s varied and fantastically diverse audience this month’s Challenge image should be of interest for readers who prefer to keep an eye on a more manly physique. Should EXIERN be in the Top 20 of TopWebComics on 6/30 we’ll release an image of a young Urtica. As of now I don’t consider the image Canon in anyway, but it might reveal a more rebellious side of the King – and perhaps some insight as to how he got so good with a blade. It will not be in need of any censoring, even though – like previous Challenge images – the subject is not wearing a shirt.

And for those who prefer the ladies, last month’s challenge image will also be posted up if we beat this month’s Challenge (i.e. we land in the Top 19 instead of 20).

Thanks for everyone who has been voting regularly, let’s see what we can do this month!