Guys I am so sorry about the schedule lately. I am working 16 hours a day at my current job because… Well because my last job decided to not pay me and I am now $7,000 in the hole. Remember a little while back when I said even with the paypal thing Exiern is not in trouble because I have a good job. Turns out it was not so good.

So now I have not time to letter the pages I have and money is kind of tight. The stress of dealing with this whole not being paid and having to work 1.5 jobs is really killing my creativity as well. So it’s hard to get thing updated on time.

Now I know the first response is going to be “I can help” and I really appreciate the offers but the points were there are problems are not points where people can help out. I have gotten in the habit of reworking the script at the point of lettering. I have found it makes the comic more concise and easier to read. I wouldn’t want to give up that task.

As for the creativity deficit I don’t know what can help there. My brain has never been so empty. It all the stress of dealing with all this stupidness that is really getting to me. I like input in general but I usually have a structure and idea to hang it on. Right now I am a blank. I don’t have any whole to fit advice into.

The only think you could do is tell my previous employers to stop being a douche and pay me. Frankly I am not yet at the point where I want to unleash the hounds on them and I don’t know if that would even help.

I am going to try my best to keep the comic updating but it’s a bad time right now and the schedule is going to be erratic.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.