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Faden made a joke

Eric Kimball is the writer and publisher for the online comic,, and the most successful of his comics is a fantasy parody with a transgender twist.The comic follows the adventures of a barbarian warrior who is transformed into a woman by an errant wizards spell.

Eric’s stories are know for their tongue in cheek wit and character driven plots. The explore the concepts of identity and societal expectation on the individual and how that contrasts with freedom of sprit and self expression. These stories have gained a online following of over 600,000 monthly unique visitor and with an active and involved fan base.

Eric never really considered himself a writer and to this day still scoffs when other refer to him as such.Suffering from mild dyslexia any thought of a career in writing were beating out of him by every single English teacher he ever had.But in March or 2004 on a lark Eric posted a comic online figuring that a visual medium was not exactly writing.From that simple beginning Exerin Comics LLC has grown to a publishing house that regularly produces three comic written by Eric and an additional comic written by Alison Sarnoff ( company employees 5 artist to and is about to expand into the iphone market.